A few good reads.. or listens..

Along with sewing filter pocket face masks, I’ve been listening to some amazing books on Audible during our Shelter-In-Place. I love reading. I am a reader. But, over the last few years, I’ve realized that I’m not reading as much as I wanted because I’m just TIRED at night and my eyes are getting old. So a couple of years ago I started listening to books while I worked in the yard, went on walks and did menial tasks around the house.

It’s amazing really. I don’t mind cleaning or folding laundry when listening to a book. These are mindless chores that are irritants normally, but when listening to a book, it’s perfect. I get a chore completed and I didn’t even realize I got it done!

So I wanted to share some of my “reads” from the last 6 weeks. These are in chronological order from most current.. not necessarily in order of favorite.

My current book: Fierce, Free and Full of Fire by Jen Hatmaker. My sister and I were discussing this book today. Simultaneously we stated that it was like coming home.

Fierce Free and Full of Fire by Jen Hatmaker

I just finished Untamed by Glennon Doyle.. but let me say, if you are a southern christian woman.. no matter how liberal or radical you might “think” you are… you should probably read the books in order. Start with Carry On Warrior, then read Love Warrior and finish off with Untamed. I don’t think you should just drop into Untamed. Don’t get me wrong, Untamed is amazing. As my sister and I discussed today, we needed to read it. We needed to see the story unfold and be challenged. But unlike Jen’s coming home, Glennon is as my sister said.. a unicorn in the field across the way that we enjoy looking at and watching and learning from. Wow.. what a recommendation. It’s a good book. But it’s hard! The chapter on gay “choice” was transformational for me as a person, a mom and a teacher. I will be forever a better person because of the work that Doyle put into that chapter. And dang, the chapter on white privilege and race. wow. You just have to read it and wrestle.

Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again
by Rachel Held Evans

This book was amazing! If you grew up southern fundamental christian and you have had “issues” with some of the stuff that has been spewed at you from church, THIS BOOK is amazing. It’s healing. It’s hope.

Accidental Saints
by Naida Bolz-Weber

I’m not sure what to say about this one. I guess it would be a warning to those who have issues with profanity. The spiritual journey in this is incredible and I loved the book.. but Nadia isn’t a southern belle….

The Very Worst Missionary
By Jamie Wright

Another really good book about the reality of living life as a follower of Jesus. Lots of profanity here too. But I can’t blame her. I would cuss too if experienced some of the things she had. oh. my.

Sacred Rest
by Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

This one is good for those of us tired, depleted and struggling. Dr. Dalton-Smith walks us through the process of finding out what is stealing all of our energy and how we can replenish ourselves.

And if you have already read or listened to all of these, let me know. I’ll send you some of my other recent reads!

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