My Blue Phase?


I don’t know why I like to create pieces in blue of little girls with wide open happy expressions. I guess because it doesn’t seem like the natural choice? Maybe I need therapy! 

Anyway, I created this today. I like it.Image

It’s marker on watercolor paper. I love the mix of the two elements. Watercolor paper is NOT the natural choice for Copic markers! But I truly love how the strokes come through the tooth of the watercolor paper. I realize that some may not appreciate my choice, but that’s okay. I like it! 🙂


The creation of: A Lesson in Physics

A Lesson in Physics

A Lesson in Physics

I made some random clay pieces with leftover air dry clay. It was kind of planned, kind of spontaneous. Once the pieces were ready, I placed them on each other using gravity. I moved them around a while and took pictures as the pieces moved and broke. I like the finished product. I’m thinking of spray painting it. You can see it in my next post. (I don’t know how to add an additional picture to this post!)