i refuse to feel guilty

The world would have me believe that I am not enough. I’m not supposed to like who I am. The media and my news feed say that I should be constantly trying to make myself better either by using special products or eating (or not eating) certain foods. The commercials on tv, the ads on social media and the magazines at the store check out lines push me to question my body image, my lifestyle and my parenting choices. img_9517

But I’m done with that.

I refuse to feel guilty about the fact that I LIKE ME!

I am fully aware of my shortcomings: my bmi that says that I am overweight, my waist measurement that says I’m fluffy, my cluttered house, my spoiled children, my neglected husband.

But you know what… even in the midst of my daily disappointments, I like me.  It has taken a long time to get to this point in life and I refuse to discount my joy because of my shortcomings.

Join me in the joyful mindset. Focus on good things.

I’m going to eat real food this year, not processed diet food. I’m going to celebrate being 42 and a mother of 3 incredible girls.  I’m going to strive to be physically, emotionally and mentally stronger everyday. I’m going to enjoy sitting on the couch with my husband and maybe I’ll even watch a little tv! I’m going to do handstands and cartwheels and maybe even the splits. I’m going to run 1/2 marathons, ride my bike and swim laps.. because I find those things to be fun. I’m going to paint and sew and scrapbook.

I’m just going to enjoy being me.


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