My Blog Story

In an effort to get my blogging back on track, I’ve decided to link my personal blog, my work blog/portfolio, my classroom blog and all of my random musings to one site. Last year I lost the desire to blog, because I never knew where to put my posts! Do I post to the family blog? My work blog? At one point in 2016 I had at least seven different poorly created and rarely updated sites. This is the year of simplifying! And I’m choosing to post it all to!


I’ve also joined a weekly blog club! Every Tuesday those of us bloggers who have joined up with #EDUBLOGSCLUB will be given a prompt and then we will respond.  I am excited as it will hopefully give me that kick in the pants to get things going again!

So Week 1: My Blog Story.

Hmm. As I alluded to at the top of this post. I am a veteran blogger. I’ve had a website or blog since the start of such things! In fact, I created my first website in 2000 and it was called Time Flies and it was about scrapbooking.

Since that time I’ve had numerous websites and blogs and have very much enjoyed learning about and using technology as it developed. In fact, making the decision to bring all of my creative outlets into one platform is a little disconcerting to me. It shouldn’t be. I get that. But for whatever reason, it is.

Along with creating blogs and websites, I am also:

  • a wife and mom
  • a teacher and hopefully one day soon please campus administrator
  • a runner and triathlete
  • an artist and visual historian

I use my blog to tell my story of my crazy, very full and beautiful life.

One thought on “My Blog Story

  1. Hi Emily,
    I so get you with where to put the post. I also have about 7 different blogs but since retiring from teaching, many of them are now just defunct and sitting there in the cloud somewhere, open for others to read but not necessarily looking very inviting as widgets and sidebars look untidy. I work now on 4 blogs: family history, travelling, photography and work – so much easier.

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